Keeping abreast of trends, ESPACE TOURBILLON is investing in the transport solutions of tomorrow. Through a partnership with Mobilidée Sàrl, which specialises in mobility management and consulting, a plan has been specifically developed for the Plan-les-Ouates site to offer an array of transport solutions and make daily life easier for site employees.

New tenants receive individual support from transport professionals in order to assess their needs and provide the right solutions for their activities.

_Public-transport user support

Beginning in 2021, the tram stop «Tourbillon» will directly connect to the CEVA line and Lancy-Pont-Rouge station. The station is linked to the new Léman Express, which conveniently serves the Greater Geneva area.

Espace Tourbillon will only be about twenty minutes from the Cornavin and Annemasse stations.

Thirteen shuttle lines running to the Canton of Vaud and neighbouring France will also be available to round out public transport services.

To promote sustainable modes of transport, ESPACE TOURBILLON will offer incentives for anyone not requesting a parking space.

_Electric bicycles

In urban areas, biking is the fastest way to get around. It is easy to use, with numerous benefits for one’s health and the environment. With a 50% increase in overall traffic in Geneva over the last decade, it is also a mode of transport that is gaining popularity.

A self-service bicycle-sharing station will be set up at ESPACE TOURBILLON and will include electric bikes. All site employees will be able to subscribe at a discounted rate.

_Underground mobility station

The Mobility system lets ESPACE TOURBILLON tenants use car club vehicles without having to worry about maintenance or insurance.

Car club vehicles will be available at any time in ESPACE TOURBILLON’s car park to make hiring a vehicle easy.

_Car-sharing support

Car-sharing is currently used by more than 2,000 employees in the Plan-les-Ouates industrial park. Support from the Mobility Station makes it easier for commuters to get in touch with one another. Car-sharing has many advantages, including both social and economic benefits. It also helps alleviate traffic congestion in commercial and industrial areas.

ESPACE TOURBILLON guarantees parking for shared vehicles and for commuters who share a parking space.

_Mobility plan in video

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