_A workplace where life is good

Plan-les-Ouates houses prestigious companies in the industrial, watchmaking and luxury industries. Situated between the city and the countryside, the town boasts many retail businesses alongside sports and leisure facilities.


Last minute shopping? No problem, a supermarket is planned in the heart of ESPACE TOURBILLON, offering fresh and varied products to fill your fridge after a day at work.

Seven restaurants are already located in the industrial area of Plan-les-Ouates and the village will offer ten more. There will also be a food court, a bakery and a bar in the arcades that border the central ESPACE TOURBILLON precinct. Many other services are available a few minutes away: dry cleaner, pharmacy, florist, post office, etc.

If you are seeking inspiration or want to boost your creativity, there’s nothing better than taking some time off. Within ESPACE TOURBILLON, some spaces will be dedicated to relaxation and leisure activities.

Food Court

_A prestigious environment



_Regional development

The northern part of Plan-les-Ouates is changing completely. In addition to the extension of the Lancy-Pont-Rouge tram line to Perly, the new Cherpines neighbourhood is under development. From 2023, this 58-hectare site will see 1,000 new homes (3,000 homes by 2035), 1,300 new jobs (2,500 jobs by 2035) and a school for 2,500 children. Sports and cultural facilities will be provided in an extension to the Cherpines sports complex.

Leisure activities

Regular participation in a sporting activity helps to improve the work / life balance. The Plan-les-Ouates municipality presents many sports clubs and facilities: swimming, tennis, badminton, equestrianism, climbing, basketball, Japanese archery, rugby, running, volleyball, yoga etc., and ESPACE TOURBILLON is located just a few meters walking from Geneva’s countryside. All you need to do is get motivated, get your trainers on and get going.

See the map below for sports activities and cycle paths. For more information, visit http://www.plan-les-ouates.ch.


Retail businesses

Having a supermarket close to the workplace is a considerable advantage for employees. If you are in a hurry, you will be able to do your shopping before going on a weekend or to simply buy some lunch to eat on the go. The five buildings of ESPACE TOURBILLON, and the development of the Cherpines neighbourhood, will enable a retailer to open a store selling a wide range of different products.

Other services, such as a mailbox and an ATM, will be provided on the central esplanade. On both sides of the central precinct of ESPACE TOURBILLON will be wide arcades, with restaurants and food courts. A bakery will offer salads and sandwiches alongside a tea-room. And just in case you’d like to carry on a discussion on a pleasant terrace after work, there will be a bar open into the early evening.

L’Introuvable restaurant
Contemporary cuisine

Restaurant du Tambour Major
Asian food

Pizzeria chez Pépé
Italian food

Restaurant Le Lusitano
Portuguese cuisine

Restaurant Antes
Traditional food

Brasserie de Plan’Les
Traditional food

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